~ Galactic Shamanic Healing ~

~Healing Through Inner Unity~

Unifying earthly shamanic practices, energy healing and channelled guidance Loki weaves together these frequencies to deliver a holistic therapy promoting a state of inner harmony and outer peace.

Loki works intuitively with archetypal energies, earth based spirits, extra-terrestrials and angelic beings to offer multidimensional healing and transmissions. Navigating to the root cause of soul wounding, healing the past and activating your DNA. Deep healing, profound transformation aligning you with your soul's purpose.

~Galactic shamanic healing, soul retrieval, ancestral healing, inner child healing, reclaiming your power, galactic transmissions, celestial healing, curse removal, past life regression, entity de-possession, connecting with spirit guides and power animals ~

~Book a Session~ 

Loki's therapy template is to release control and surrender to higher guidance working intuitively with Angelic, ET and Spirit guides. Loki acts as an open channel bridging the Spirit and Earthly realms. 

For a free phone consultation or to book a therapy session Contact Loki 

In-person Therapy Session : Concessions: (low income / local to Glastonbury)

30 minutes £30 £25

60 minutes £50 £40

90 Minutes       £70 £55

120 minutes £80 £65

Distance Healing: £20 £15

**Due to the nature of the work all timings are approximate and session durations may vary slightly**