About Loki Dreamweaver

Hi I'm Loki Dreamweaver, Arcturian starseed, shamanic practitioner, energy healer and celestial channel. I weave together life experiences, ancestral linages and star linages from multiple past lives spanning across a vast range of cultures and dimensions.

My Soul's purpose is the spiritual healing and evolution of humanity by cultivating love by anchoring in heart-centred awareness with a playful compassion.

This life's journey has taken me deep into the underworld where I met my darkest challenges and in the depths of  despair I found my POWER! A 10 year cycle where I discovered the light I had been seeking outside of myself was within me all along. Once I found this ember my awakening began. Tending to the light within I was able to release my pain, cultivate my innate beauty, perpetually raising to my ever expanding highest state of being and engage in this lucid dream we call life becoming the conscious creator of my personal reality. 

I now share this template with all who are open to receive.