Robin Luke Francis

"I've always felt at ease and empowered in my sessions with Loki. I feel he has a true gift for tapping into the deeper messages that our higher self needs us to hear. He is a master of weaving together the interdimensional threads of our life that have gone astray. I've always felt clearer and more aligned with my highest path and self after a session with him."

Oona Bell

"Loki held the space for my session with a presence that instantly relaxed my system, I felt at peace and safe to let go... I noticed a shift in my energy from chaotic to calm which was such a relief for me! His intuition and ability to read and feel into my energy was completely spot on, everything he worked on was exactly what I needed! So I feel very honoured to have experienced this gift! Thank you!" 

 Mathew Austin

"Loki is a very professional practitioner.

He has a good balance between the masculine and feminine energies and holds a safe space with strong intuitive energy work. I would definitely recommend Loki and will go back for another session soon."


"Grateful to receive the treatment, felt like a needed nourishing/healing gift. Loki's ability to see/feel into my energy was totally accurate and the guidance and insights he offered me were very validating and helpful. Would love to have more sessions in future. Thank you ❤️"